Data driven test

When we want to test SUT, we usually want to test with different set of data. It is not ideal to create one test function for one set of input data. This is where data driven tests are helpful.

Consider the same example function that adds two numbers

function add(a, b):
    return a+b

To be thorough, we need to test this function with few different set of data including but not limited to negative numbers, positive numbers and zeros.

Although, it will be descriptive and easy to follow when we have one test test function per input data, it requires more development and maintenance effort.

Better solution is to create one test function that we can run with different set of data. This is what we call data driven tests.

An example of data driven test would look like this

type DataTest:

function test_add():
    // arrange
    tests = [
        [input1: 1, input2: 2, result: 3],
        [input1: -1, input2: -1, result: 0],
        [input1: 1, input2: -2, result: -1],

    // act
    loop test of tests:
        result = add(test.input1, test.input2)
        // assert
        areEqual(test.result, result)

The actual implementation of data driven test will be different based on the language and the framework used.

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